World’s First Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera features and price in India
World's First Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera features and price in India

World’s First Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera features and price in India

Do you know about Arrow Smartwatch?

By the way, let me tell you that some features are amazing, which you should also know.

Before we tell you about the features of Arrow Smartwatch, we do a quick introduction about the Arrow smartwatch.

About Arrow Smartwatch with 360 rotating HD camera

The Arrow is a World’s First Arrow Smartwatch that comes with 360 ° rotatable and 1080P HD camera.

The design of the Arrow smartwatch is quite versatile as well as compatible with Android & iOS smartphones.

So let’s not take much of your time, we know about some amazing features of arrow smartwatch.

Regardless of reminders, events, social media, you can easily capture, edit, record, and share.

The Arrow smartwatch’s 360 ° camera comes with a directional mic that captures photos or videos in seconds.

You can transfer photos and videos to the app. Apart from this, you can also store in memory using a preset filter.

If we talk about health and fitness, then the Arrow smartwatch has built-in sensors that track your fitness goals.

You will also have alerts and notifications feature in this versatile Arrow smartwatch.

Overview of Arrow Smartwatch

This Arrow Smartwatch has been designed in such a way that you can use fitness, media, business, and such essential functions comfortably and match with your working style.

Some Media Reviews on Arrow 360 smartwatch


Launched the Indiegogo platform, using the first smartwatch equipped with a rotatable 5-megapixel camera, 360 °, and microphone. And this arrow smartwatch with a 360 rotating HD camera will beautify the wearer’s wrist. 

And then you can shoot video and photography too without having a camera or phone.


It is still inconceivable to have a camera on a smartwatch.

Yes, but cutting the bezel while rotating the experienced bezel on the Arrow smartwatch seems sensible.


Taking out mobile from a pocket, unlocking it, finding an application, or capturing by opening the camera feature, following these things seems a bit boring. It is good to do all these things by simply lifting the wrist and taking a photo or video by pressing a button.

Camera and Display: There is a red button on the Arrow smartwatch. Press that you will be able to activate the camera And then it will display a 1.39 “OLED screen, real-time image preview.

If you rotate the bezel in any direction, it will immediately capture 5MP photos and 1080P videos.

Rotating Camera Bezel with 360°: The Arrow smartwatch’s HD camera is stylish and integrated into a perfect angle with the bezel of the smartwatch. With which you can easily take photos, selfies, and videos from any angle.

With these features, you can now relax your wrist and there is no need to remove your phone with it.

Edit and share: 8GB memory stores all the photos and videos you have taken and transfers the multimedia to your phone’s Arrow application.

And after that, you can easily save in your camera roll from the application.

Notification: Always keep important messages and notifications like email, social media, calendar, etc. on. You will get instant notification in this Arrow 360 smartwatch.

Arrow Wear OS is based on Android 5.1.

Arrow allows you to sync your smartphone operating system via Bluetooth and receive iOS or Android notifications.

Heath and Fitness Activities Tracking

With Arrow’s built-in fitness tracker you can also track your physical activity. With which you can easily achieve your health goal.

Technical Specifications of Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera


The memory of Arrow Smartwatch: 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM

Resolution: 400 × 400 pixels

Display: 1.39″ OLED

Compatibility of Arrow 360 smartwatch: Android smartphones and iOS

Camera: 1080P HD Video and 5MP Photo

Sensors of Arrow watch: GPS, Accelerometer, and Pedometer

The battery of Arrow 360 watch: 480mAh

Charging Time Duration: 2 hours

Usage Time: 1 Day

CPU of Arrow Smartwatch: MTK6580 quad-core 1.3GHZ

Other Specifications: Microphone as well as Vibration Motor


Application (Smartphone): Android and Arrow iOS smartwatch 

Operating System of Arrow Smartwatch: Arrow Wear OS, based on Android 5.1 OS

Connectivity of Arrow Smartwatch: WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 

Design of Arrow Smartwatch: The thickness of Arrow Smartwatch: 17mm

Band of Arrow Smartwatch: 26mm

Band: Leather, Stainless Steel, and Silicone

Dust-free: IP65  means Arrow smartwatch is dustproof and wash-down capable.

Language Support: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

Watch Case of Arrow Smartwatch: 52mm

FAQ on Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera

Que 1: Does Arrow smartwatch work with both Android and iOS?

Absolutely. Arrow smartwatch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 5.1 as well as with OS.

But one thing, support features may be various.

Que 2: How long will Arrow smartwatch battery last?

First of all, the Arrow smartwatch has a battery capacity of 480mAh and it has been designed in such a way that it lasts for 20 hours on normal usage.

Ultimately depending on usage.

Que 3: How to charge Arrow Smartwatch 360?

In the Arrow Smartwatch, you will find a wireless magnetic charge enabled dock with USB charging cable.

And the Arrow Smartwatch 360 takes about 2 hours to charge.

Que 4: Does the Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera have 3G or 4G connectivity?

If we talk about the current basis then the answer is No. But you can pair Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera to a Wi-Fi network.

Que 5: Can we see notifications in Arrow Smartwatch in other languages?

Yes of course. You can also view notifications in Arrow Smartwatch in another language such as English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

But the operating system exists in the English language.

Que 6: Is Arrow Smartwatch with 360 rotating HD camera waterproof?

Although Arrow Smartwatch is not waterproof Arrow Smartwatch has a rating of IP65.

This means Arrow Smartwatch is  dustproof. And also capable of washdown.

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Conclusion on World’s First Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera features

How did you like the World’s First Arrow Smartwatch 360 camera?

I know everyone’s choice is different. But still, Arrow Smartwatch has some amazing features.

If you want to go for the Arrow Smartwatch as per the budget then you can go. It is a good smartwatch.

Hope you liked this article of mine 

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