What is Scorpius?

The color is also the seeing them So this is the way we are expanding So now if you go back in the bus Gente said that bus part If this Waas if this was one of the different estimates is saying uh-huh color legacy This was one off the gun Will you get this So what would have happened The color which is represented here will be replicated around the but from the training park, We have pushed that this should be In that case greeting color will be put onto the complete box That used to be now completely green.

Now I will go to the next I will do the same I will go to the next bill that I have ever seen Well they come here when it comes here It has been known that if this is not the object that you’re looking for this is something else It has been learned that because from the blacks what happens then you please So this is how they do it So this is a very ideal image actually So to rain the case that you would actually cos it’s not this accurate if you observe year than the lying same line is not very active Very But yes you will be able to go Hello Separate objects Okay Simon is identifying your meeting The wants of No Who watch Especially Yes Yeah I got one question Personal Indefinite Yes Yeah yeah How does the corpus actually identify the two objects I didn’t see the board bustle Cheney having ah correlation are overlapped Right And there is a clear line drawn between the two buses separating.

S,o in this case,e Ah very good question I’ll seven points of water Uh what are my gauges Somebody was trying enough to use the unit and give us the best segmentation So this is our time And this is a live image This is what I But it’s a good person Hold us the sewage So the person was made the corpus and a very good unit Such a way that he bought the output says this and then he’s dragging for us So we do ending in one of our physicians For once there we are good with unit And all these things we will try to use rather than using corpus were rather than using target data we try to use one of these images and John burgers.

I wish everyone island that I read somewhere that pigmentation pills are available so well preparing the no corpus they use those students toe you know actually make the segmentations for ah for one toe training purpose So let’s see Anywhere was in talks with learning on that I don’t I mean I discovered last time I don’t want to waste to depend on somebody Scorpius I was talking with some senior people They’re saying that Let’s uh I go having this decision on how we can generate our honest ratings So whenever you don’t have Pastika but at least you have some kind of committees or some kind of texting and how to tag them Not manually automatically so that you can generate your own parts.

Yeah, there are tools Are sounded like news available for that Let me see if I can push this, Okay So probably by the end of our city Let me see if anything or would let up Enjoying Yes Better we go ahead So no it’s going on So this is orders unit, Ah and I would say give sometimes of this These are not street sewer things is they were then Ah it wouldn’t be You know you will not find a very handful of people who are actually working one they can design that you heard without any references.

And ah this is what his unit And if you observe this is not only one part like this Northern equals seven solutions and Nick smash a lot of revolutions all stuff away here to move and we’ll meet their own But please be careful sometimes what happens is images that I’ve seen this season of this say that you didn’t go out could be offered ISMs If you are expecting that you made is perfected a week offered and all that you need to design it particularly at all This amazing it is And this is exactly massive No positive That is what we did in our doing bulls All right but in this case, it is not perfect It is like some side and output is going on this good.

So Why do they are trying to match the input Was that the output Professional If you want to try to match input-output is that anyone can use the well that is yes is always wearing admire Get up gambling it Okay so for today’s case in the report have done I think you are very near That would have done so I’m using the rest neck as my ah propagation Ah nickel So what I’m doing now is the first time being in the unit and putting my down unit and pose that I’m using rest net transom So to make my image of one size and my segmentation in the same sense please get my point Youngest I e.

So I will show you in never case study in Italy also trying to get that going back off grams Okay Okay Well I think in your case studies Yes exactly So you can combine So it’s not always This is that I’ll only use unit You can use listeners or something like that to have Lord off replications and finally make sure we get the image of the same-sex or in other cases you can use my logic Clamato importance in order And what is a very simple logic Whatever is here is over here whatever it is a step in size here Isn’t citizenship inside me that no one questioned all of you Is it necessary for me to match the shape and sites.

Let’s say if you’re designing that parking since other than golden is it necessary for me to match it up or it’s OK We depend upon the Pistorius also like to wear trying to get it like the August and I don’t think it’s important that the size so busy are we worry secure like that trying to identify us by the shape and size is being It depends upon the things I think it’s important because Indian real compared inundating the next most right can it So what of these answers Perfectly night First thing is true for depends on what application you are using it The application does not need many positions.

You can get talking so you don’t have to because I think its trailers is an extract cost for us So rather than doing that would be happy with some image where I can see something visually and take a decision on some of the cases Yes it is very important to have exact limits I will even example of Dr. So Usually these things are now used in cancer detection In all what they do now is notice any of people’s um $4 off some of this sense No the let’s say the doctor wants on the sandwich of these cells are Hansen’s We have one more.

It’s a warning I can use this Ah these things to locate sort in part of that inmates saying it This is my concert one and whatever is around it the black zones or whatever is there definitely that our sense around it But we are not interested wins now if the image is not on the same dimension and all this with a lot of fish in identifying the police in those cases Yes I d it is needed Exact replication Sometimes you don’t need so you Whenever you’re denying this decide on your own Are you seeing depending on your application Good.

Now come to move So what I would do I will first look at the case study and then we’ll come onto the mobile unit is different Yeah So I will like actually violent We do a lot off Matt Enjoy how it reviews the number of my reputation’s on DDG or normal convolutions movements tonight Okay so now let me start mine Peace So just for starting persons what are we going to do today is we have got a set off images like this.

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