What is Grecian moral?

So there is some more important variable If you could add your article value may increase right now Regression model for the test data The regression morning I’m using the same Morton and give this court forex test Wait Just what is the big lesson Moral scored 14 20 favors They know the again The Grecian moral Using stats one Uh okay it’s okay Grocery 15 minutes But I want to explain only one more concert What are the assumptions of the immigration using the stats Morton what do we do first I do Arkan Coordinate X agree really dot on cap Yes in Khan Cat I’m con coordinating ex train coma way train How did access She quit work I’m going coordinating And I have to save it, Somebody, I’m saving it for Us They print a sequel All right so I’m saying it in the variable data trick So you could see here They don’t train that greeny.

This becomes a very hectic so I just type it before so we can work this room tape in their home paper assets room tape in general Don’t a private room Us this underscore was missing Somebody that comes up pops up All right so the makes it er I just renamed all these variables renaming for simplicity Sometimes they ever there’ll be better if the renaming is very much important for this starts model All right so what are Alec columns of this present So they certainly call McCollum’s present So in starts Morton we always give it doesn’t farm Law place This is why it’s a function off This still function is a function off all this independent millions Why Variable is a function off all this independent variables Very important to look billon Lini regression You saying Well this ordinary least quick because our ordinary so Ah well first we have to import the library’s board starts more than start small And what was it called Formula A P A Okay ask Yes you have again Alum one I’m just naming it as a lemon Any name that is just me Yes some off dog Well unless for luck what is the formula for me I have given it us He xpr in the previous expression on the data data underscore.

All right then-dictator Oh so recently for it So I did not exit well this lane So my morning from the library starts Moral Farmall ap I’m just exuding this farm lock The data foot Very simple here product Even if you have really now it takes somewhat a few more steps to we didn’t hear It is very simple Just take it all the name and use The common fit is the function for For Did use the formula for this data No you ended print on you know what is the arts Quit No What is that Just a That’s great You know what is the X statistic I mean what is it Probably people What we find is log Likelihood The a c A I told you I’ll explain it to you Not just aggressive So we know here again in LA I just asked when we could see 0.48.

It doesn’t very poor for more now coming to toe the P-value So which are on variables are more significant here The general mortals are needed How did that building in the morning So which are all independent Variables are contributing more find divination way It would be better to do so Whichever P-value is less than 0.0 fight Right So this room tape in tearoom it’s not contributing to finding the variation in the variable white right on the zero points the cancellation policy flexible is not much contributing Infecting policy cancellation policy itself is not contributing This cleaning fee is also not contributing much So that was the reason this person this r squared is very listed only this accommodates on the bathrooms On the review score ratings.

These are in three variables and again room tape shot the room These are only variables which are contributing So identify an ah doh identify deviation percent of people All right so there could be some more hidden variables You just find out on if you could impure or if you find an interaction term that could be also off much use right No I skied in defending Implicit So we unless he is means quit it zero-point right It’s again very high That’s fine Uh you cannot do anything Okay so So this 0.5 is significantly more Okay Did appoint friends to reason very high here.

That’s there’s no doctor right now Prediction on the test data Indeed English in Modern is a predict Predict what Express X test So I’m able to predict using this caterpillar And just so how much is it able to predict Simply have been put What is the right prediction I think so The actual and predicted were just ordered It it If I had pointed out a few more prosecution pointers she could come down Yeah so they find in conclusion they finally a regression equation The long price be not less Beaten accommodates Let’s be too bad Bathrooms and B three reviews course and so on were put the coefficient values for only independent variables So when accommodates increase being one unit the law price increases by 0.1196 minutes.

Please explain briefly this topic Virgin Emma It’s too early I’ll just explain you I just go back again against you right on When they accommodate increases by one unit logger it increases big so enjoying keeping our leather predictors constant That is also very important Oh keeping all other predictors constant Simply leave several bathrooms increases by you to want your it large place increases based on So you’re keeping all other predators constant There are some negative coefficient values for instance that the coalition is minus zero points something someplace when they don’t they push Adam in Lock price decreases place on keeping all other predators conscience So if shard room is present in the value of private room and the interim will be zero.

So like this in case of any that So the higher the magnitude most importantly predicted radio and uh the real item in the importance based on the p-value under coefficient Really That’s what I put it in the Constitution No going back We don’t That is as may the residuals on different It is a very good question and it is a very important question toe late before in bringing the residual under 50 I’ll tell you what The residue analysis Barrett is leading it the residual analysis Uh I don’t expect anything so gilded I were using regression not own office on uh Damon Day out technical day in and day out but still were using regression Been there Isn’t use case coming up.

Nobody has learned English in full in the office so it takes a lot of time to learn the regression Everyday Mexican integration There is some problem coming here It’s a very important concept It is a listenable analysis and it’s a little analysis Ah we give the residual analysis E A The Erica is given weight Weigh eight minus a cap is very important This error How was this editor present there Cool Going back So how is the error comparing to the actual and predicted Where is this area Very much helpful Right now we have only residents Okay No What are they mean assumptions.

Where is this residue analysis helpful for us That’s what I wanted to tell you in the beginning But somehow And he took it Assumptions I’ll give it is in short line ill I N g Yeah for linear Ah leave me linearity I for independence or federal yet for normally Okay for we call it doesn’t equal variance our whole mosque elasticity Okay does the city this four are very very important assumptions There are several assumptions which were explained in your video but out of which these four assumptions are very much important whenever when you’re trying to executive progression So what is the legality ask that was covered in a video What What is it Linear thing Me.

This will be some port We’re bringing independent and dependent So what happens is in the linearity there residuals that we have taken it here, Okay It should neither have about him the residuals I’m doing Uh there’s a civilized should need to Have a party or are you not fault Something like that or something like that are something like this Should never have an apartment Let’s off our wienie this linearity So it may take you to morph editor confusions So let me make it very simple So the relationship between the variables is linear I’ll make it the extent Very variable switcher moral In here you take into father more detail what You have to take us to take the residual values If my ex anyway variables are more lenient.

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