What are the various ways in which you can go to segmentation?

Let me lean on it Yeah the whole intention today will be to Yeah let us see This is one image Okay And now I want Oh find out See I want to convert them into some kind of mask or some kind of segmentation Yeah but if you observe here there are so many objects within the car that are some buildings there some Well we’re seeing red Traditionally here that are spot rate in the gold is a guy a lot of things there And also the meat is not that clear Why Because I’d use 1 20 It cost one That’s only the way I used a 10 to 4% you know before it cool I mean but at the end of the day what is my intention.

I intend to can audit in something So why do I need to do the same in the forest Are the norm in department Wants to know how much vegetation is Brother don’t teach You could pick This clearly shows What’s that Yeah Good amount of peace, for example, Auras How What is its current tactic Never that particular time of the day I’m gonna want Bruno Basically you get other I just want to look at my car on the road In that place Yeah So there’s a tortoise the public of today’s case to even be converters Toe this a simple all If you go down insurance output I want to convert this particular image.

Okay Now from one of my other buddies I got a very good question that um ah what if we can map of So how are these colors coming up First of all this colossal coming up Because this is mine or there’s no image Okay And this is my mosque in it all I can say my baggage already Somebody has provided us So from this we’re getting there Map It’s but yes So the purple color for the road is coming from something like this The learnings So what I’m going to do now is the as New York’s finest can find some kind of relationship between the lesson of additional and the colors and the segmentation should be good So yes I would ensure by something next week on excellently.

So I’ll start quoting onto that on our showbiz how What is the relationship between the color and how these date of them But overall in this case study it is all dependent on our mosque in Baghdad All right now let’s start So this is the place that you can download the data like a phone on for our color people beginnings the about court I will start from here the first thing you’ve ever to find my share Vinson’s So now one question policy Let us see I have to find 1 20 across one going orders If some of you would have done instead of visits cost with fists What One-off.

You never say having GPU has been one before We like to make some kind of difference in the quality off my out Put on Gone on the record are seeing just on a bender did not on doing that But so whatever x trust pills that we’re seeing you will not be able to see that Because if the image has more samples off more vixens the difference between a color should be far Yeah So these remember that the Jews an optimal inmates size for is with my thoughts of the wise men diary for these Have a good one to get on with it When you get this poor apply on a hired and nothing next This uh I’m listing all those set-off images that are present in my training images That means my original images with once.

Yeah So if I look at it this is the heart of signal Why is it important Because here the person is prepared to data has given the same name for the original image And the same name goes into that so mass payment So if you observe year I’m pretty-printing the one element in the mask image Ordinary men masking when I do that to observe the names are forfeit QC So that will come to know which is the target image or the how we said a reference image for that wouldn’t know So this is orange notices mask Yeah The first thing that I have to do is just to keep a check Everything is gonna has to salt board off piece So this is my independence It off dude Oh this is my father gets out of if I start both of them Common sense is going to come to toe the Same thing basically really will be able to Don’t put it in Same head up.

All right Next we’re using open cities open severe That in the library it could be used for a lot of importing majors Getting made in on all this Onda here for this plane But I’m using simple power The first thing that I have to do is I have to now different She said white So guys one loading There are various ways in which you can go segmentation Please remember it is not one bit I am showing you what easy way to do it I am not sure in your heavy manual there is There could be one more way beyond us there in 78 lines off or you will be able to finish.

All right So the videos that you’re seeing on your Olympus That that could be one possible re This could be one possible way And in future, if you read some of the blocks with its very simple that also so the way we are taking you to various uh wouldn’t cereal approaches this so that you are comfortable with Almost But I will still prefer to have a simplistic version I don’t want you guys to write all manual stuff input the data and convert innate find that is good to understand But once your body understanding doesn’t do this Come under the industry side and right Simple straightforward boots So here the first thing that I am doing now is I’m saying this is my independent data This is my target Now First off all I’m creating empty lists Also the empty number areas They’re full of zeros Okay What should we the length of it.

How many of them I want It should be exactly in size equal and do our mask and coalition So this is it is affordable or reasonable The folder called Mosque and all the images are stored in these So a total number of images How many I have I want that nominee number of meters inside That made this What should be the rule and column should be 1 20 It across one going to get And we want a color I would say yes but it Okay so how did you see that And nearly imputed this, Yes Since I got it You can important Imagine then say when giving it to our networks Going to find lemons Your chance All right on what I need I need a Let us say the leader That’s beautiful.

So now I have got to where is full of zeros off this dimension So this is something like this to be a where there are Lord Off meters off one drink tea across wondering going on The first thing that I have to do is after give the index off my fight So what is the first indication of the same Nixon single ar minus Whatever is always wondered it’s next is what is there It is located So I’ll do my part After that I will important from this particular part Read one image and loaded in the form of image in a for loop So I will go around this for look for how many times but the number off images that are present in that folder origin After that I would say try if these sizing this image using open CV No One green D a close one Okay normal is it Next is your mosque So we read the original image Now I’m reading the mask The mask What you do is do the same concept leader Resize it on normally Anything I expect exceptions Go back to the original What It means the four straight this sin Nothing is possible More and we’re done next All right.

But so far we did not get any exception So it’s okay Any idea Then we will get this exception I hope you people go to the second part What Do any exceptions What examples See there are 200 originally minutes That means you’re independent data And there are 1 99 targetings me This what is gonna happen What mosque I’ve been saying this case What’s gonna happen This is not going to run for sure It’s gonna give you And if you use any other there’s an exit Go back and check the parts so he will Sure that there is an exception E and classical It was the that simple This is they shoot.

This is the place where it is Well I’m going on If you look at the shape inside the vixen light 200 images we have in total one twin Gables wondered Get close Now we’ll get a pullout One image So I am not sure that’s the 1st 1 So this is how it looks like in the same of I offered When you print here you’re getting minutes Good So far so good Any questions on Exception is in I don’t know who you’re defending No it isn’t breathing this Okay okay good So going on So it’s a win It’s possible Number 11 See It is something like I can say Do we import anything for defense.

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