Spade and Co Smartwatch Reviews 2022: Is It legitimate?

Before coming to Spade and Co Smartwatch reviews, it is 100% true that picking a new smartwatch is not that easy task.

Which features are present in the smartwatch?, Round face or square?, Works well with Android or iOS? Budget etc. points have to be kept in mind.

Keeping all these points in mind, you have to choose a smartwatch according to your budget with maximum advantages.

If we talk about spade and co smartwatch, then we can give competition in the market.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Don’t worry.
By reading the Quick Points given below, you will get an idea whether you should go for the spade and co smartwatch or not?

Quick Points: Should you get a Spade and Co Smartwatch?

You should Buy it. But Why ???

  • Necessary activities features are present.
  • Bright screen so that you will not have problems with the display in daylight.
  • It is Water-resistant.
  • Quite light in weight, just 38g.

You should not Buy. But Why???

  • The same features that are present in spade and company smartwatches are also present in other smartwatches.
  • Not recommended for diving or swimming.
  • Do you want to track your activities? You have to wear the smartwatch 24/7

Middling Answer

  • If you are not into swimming or diving and are matching your budget and your preferences or choices, then you can go for the Spade and Co Smartwatch.

So back to the spade and company smartwatch reviews.

Before knowing spade & co reviews we know who is Spade and Company?

Who is Spade and company?

Before doing Spade and co smartwatch reviews, do we know what Spade and company do?

Spade and Company donate smartwatches through a non-profit organization. 

And this is written on the official website of the company.

The mission of the spade and co smartwatch is to empower people to lead healthy and active life.

So is the Spadeandco Smartwatch really that great?

So let’s do spade and co smartwatch reviews.

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Spade and co smartwatch reviews

Design and Sizes

If we talk about the dimensions of the spade and co smartwatch, then it’s 42mm (L) × 37mm (W) × 11mm (T).

Light Weight

The net weight of spade & co is 38g.


Spade and the company smartwatch can work on both Android and iOS.

If we talk about the look of the spade and co smartwatch, then instead of a traditional watch, it looks like a smartwatch with full features.

Wrist Size

The Spadeandco Smartwatch can be comfortably set on your wrist from 140mm to 220mm. And the weight is 38g. 

Lightest in weight smartwatch that will look great on your wrist.


(Negative Point:) Although the Spade and co Smartwatch does not have straps of various colors, you will find alternative bands or straps in red, black, and blue colors.

If I talk about spade and co smartwatch reviews then the biggest negative point is the lack of varieties.

LCD Screen

Spade and co smartwatch has the brightest and richest colors LCD screen.

The display of the spade and company smartwatch is so bright that it can be seen easily even in daylight.


In spade & co you get notifications of messages or calls through vibration.

Apart from this, this Spadeandco smartwatch also reminds you of crucial moments or events.

So isn’t this smartwatch great?

Sleeping Activity Tracker

If you are going to sleep, you can still wear the spade and co smartwatch.

Because with this you will get insights into sleep tracking. Apart from this, you will also know heart rate monitor insights.

You will not feel uncomfortable while sleeping. It weighs just 38g.


The spade and company smartwatch is water-resistant.

But it is not recommended to wear while diving or swimming.

FAQ on Spade and Co Smartwatch Reviews

  1. Are Spade and co legitimate?

    Well there is a mixed response. 

    It has been taken as a negative opinion or scam from the users who have had problems with the spade and co smartwatch.

    Whereas positive opinion has been given from the users who have not faced any problem regarding the product.

    So overall, Spade and Co is not a scam. It’s legal. 

    Yeah, the company is not so popular because of which questions or doubts keep arising.

  2. Is the spade and co smartwatch any good?

    You can give preference to the spade and co smartwatch with all essential activities features.
    It’s good but not that it is extraordinary. 

    But yes your budget and preferences are matching then definitely spade and company smartwatch is good.

  3. Who are Spade and company?

    Spade and Company make high-tech products that too at affordable prices.

    On the official website of the company, it is said that through spade & co non-profit organizations donate smartwatches to needy people.

    The mission of the company is to make the life of the people active and healthier.

  4. Does spade and co smartwatch work with iPhone?

    As far as compatibility is concerned, Spade and co smartwatch is compatible with iPhone (iOS 9 P and above) and Android (Android 4.4 and above).

    Spadeandco smartwatch is water-resistant. But I do not recommend diving or swimming with it.

  5. Is the spade and Co watch waterproof?

    Yes. The spade and company smartwatch is water-resistant. But yeah it’s not recommended to swim or dive with a watch.

  6. What app does Spade & Co use?

    Spade & Co uses the GloryFit App. For both Android and iOS.

    Does a spade and Co watch play music?

    Yes. You can play, pause and change the music from your wrist using a spade & co smartwatch.

Conclusion on Spade and Co Smartwatch Reviews

You just read spade and co smartwatch reviews. 

By the way, spade and company smartwatches do not have any extraordinary features. 

Rather, a smartwatch with more features is also available.

But that doesn’t mean this smartwatch isn’t good.

If your budget and your choice are matching then you can go for the spade & co Smartwatch

Its negative point is that various features or options are not present and swimming is not recommended.

I hope you liked the spade and co smartwatch reviews.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment.

Thank you for your valuable time.

Thank you.

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