Play Store open automatically How To Fix: Don’t be shocked by reason

How to stop play store opening automatically? Don't miss all the solutions.

Does your mobile also have a play store open automatically? If yes then this article can be very helpful for you.

Some solutions of play store open automatically How To Fix are quite easy. And secondly, the play store has no role in this problem.

The reason for this problem is only one. I will tell you in this article.

And also give solutions: How to stop google play from automatically opening?
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Play Store open automatically How To Fix: Reason behind this

Why android open the play store automatically? The Google Play Store has no hand behind this.

If there is a problem, then it is the applications present in the Play Store and your phone.

Now you must be thinking how can it be because of the applications?

Don't worry, I will explain to you in-depth that the play store opens automatically How To Fix and why play store open automatically?

So let's not take too much of your time and know-how to solve this problem.

Let's Go...

Why play store open automatically

There are some situations of having the google play store open automatically. In these situations, there is the problem of having the play store open automatically.

So let's know why the google play store automatically opens.
  • Case:1
    The first situation can be that if you have downloaded and installed an application from Play Store on your mobile, then some malware entry through that application has entered your mobile.
  • Case:2
    Have you ever clicked an any ad banner or advertising on the application?

How to stop google play from automatically opening

See play store open is not happening automatically because of play store.

The play store reacts because of the presence of some ad banner or advertising in some applications.

  • Solution 1

You have to check in your smartphone which such applications are present which add more. You have to uninstall by finding such applications.

  • Solution 2

How to stop google play from automatically opening

Step 1

You have to tap on Setting first.

Step 2

You have to go to the section of the application.

Step 3

Tap on the "Downloaded" 

Now, whatever applications you want to stop,

Step 4

Tap on Force Stop Button

Note: [If you do not get the downloaded section, then you have to swipe the left side for this. And after that all downloaded sections will be found।]

  • Solution 3

If the google play store becomes open automatically with the help of all these solutions, then you can also try to update your android system once.

Still, if you have a question: Why does my play store open automatically then don't worry. Still, you have some other solutions.

Sometimes the Play store opens automatically.

So how to stop play store opening automatically, for that there are other ways which you can use.

If the play store keeps opening, again and again, it is better that we solve the problem by following various steps.

Uninstall and then Reinstall Play Store Updates

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

(Firstly check whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection or not)

Step 1: Tap the Settings App

Step 2: Tap Apps and Notification

Step 3:  Select Google Play Store 

Step 4: If you do not see the option then click on See all Apps

Step 5: (Top of the screen), Select More > Uninstall updates

Step 6: If you are asked if you want to change the play store app back to the factory version, then you have to do OK.

Step 7: Now Open the Google Play Store and download

Why does my play store open automatically? Still, have the same question after following the above steps?

So you can follow the points shown below.

Check for Android system updates

If you want all the apps to run well, then you will have to keep your phone's Android system updated.

May vary from device to device.

So Do follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Tap Settings App.

Step 2: Tap System > Advanced > System Update

Step 3: Check whether the update is available or not 

Important Notes: (If your device is running on Android 2.2 or below, then Google Play may not be able to work properly.)

Still the play store keeps reopening? Don't worry. 

You can go to the below mentioned points.

Remove & re-add your Google account to your device

In this, your Google Account will be removed from your device and will also be re-added back.

Important Notes: 

[Remember, whenever you remove the account, some information may be removed from your device.]

You can store the linked information with a Google account in the cloud and use it as a back up.

As soon as you add your account to the device, you get most of the information back.

Just take special care of one thing that you should first backup the important information.

To remove your account, You need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Tap Settings App

Step 2: Select Account

Step 3: Select the account you want to remove > Remove account

Step 4: Add your PIN, Device's pattern or password if needed

To Re-add the account, Do follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Tap Settings App

Step 2: Select account > Add Account > Google

Step 3: You need to follow instructions depicted on the screen to add your account

Step 4: Tap and Open the Google Play Store App

Step 5: Tap the Profile image (Top Right)

Step 6: At the top of the screen, search for the email address of the Name and Account that you are using.

Step 7: Select Down Arrow > Select account you want to use > Download.

Having issues with opening, loading, and downloading the Play Store?

Apart from the play store automatically opening, sometimes there is also an issue in loading, downloading and opening of the Play Store.

So let's solve this problem as well.

Solution 1: First of all check mobile data connection or Wifi whether the speed is strong or not.

Solution 2: Clear the data and cache of Play Store. This will start the Play Store completely refreshed which will help in fixing the issue.

Solution 3:

  • Step 1: Open Settings (Device settings) and then App settings

  • Step 2: Touch Apps & notification > All Apps

  • Step 3: Touch Google Play Store

  • Step 4: Touch Storage > Clear Cache

  • Step 5: Clear data

  • Step 6: You need to reopen the Play Store and download again

Even after following these steps, if the download is not possible, then you should restart the device.

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button until the menu pops-up

  • Step 2: Touch Restart or Power off

Even after doing all this, the problem is still coming, then you should check the steps shown below:

  • Check your SD card

  • Check Storage Space

  • Uninstall the Play Store updates and then install

  • Remove the Google account in your device and then re-add the account

  • Update Android system update

FAQ on Play Store open automatically How To Fix

Que 1: Why is Play Store automatically opening when in different apps?

Ans 1: There is every possibility of having an application in your phone that runs a lot of ads.

 And this type of application runs in the background. Which links the ads to the playstore. Which makes this android open play store automatically.

Que 2: Why does My Play Store app keep closing?

Ans 2: You do one thing You have to clear the cache of the Play Store.

See, if an app is divert you forcefully, then close the app as quickly as possible.

After that remove all the cache of that app. And if you do not need that application, then uninstall it.

Que 3: Why does Google randomly open?

Ans 3: If I talk about Chrome, as soon as you click on a link, you are immediately diverted to 2 to 3 new tabs.

 If this happens, then your phone and PC may be infected with malware.

 You can do one thing You have to go to the Chrome setting and restore it to the default.

Que 4: Why does the app store keep opening by itself?

Ans 4: Same thing here too. Because of running ads, it will redirect you to a particular place.

If possible, keep history and cookies clear.

Que 5: How do I stop my play store from redirecting?

Ans 5: For this, you have to go to the setting of your phone.

Then tap to apps.

Search Google Play Store

Then tap on Open by default.

Open supported links.

Now the older android version is the first to tap on the main setting in your mobile. After that go to apps.

Then find the play store. After this you have to tap on clear defaults.

Conclusion on play store open automatically How To Fix

If I tell you in a line, you get android open play store automatically because of the ads present in some applications. Because it links with the play store.

I would like to thank you for taking this valuable time to read play store open automatically How To Fix article.

My only aim will be that your precious time should not be wasted.

We will surely give you an accurate article based on our real experience.

Thank You.

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