Oshen watch review 2020 Know these things before buying

Oshen watch review 2020: Know these things before buying

Do you want to get a smartwatch and fitness tracker for one low price?

If yes, then Oshen watch will fulfill your wish.

If you want to use only the quality features without using the unnecessary features then you can do that too. 

You can enjoy the smartwatch in the right way only by using the quality features.

This Ocean Watch is a modern health tracker used to measure a range of useful signals.

According to the manufacturer of Oshen Watch, it should act like a watch bracelet.

Smartwatches are used not only to count calories but also to show incoming calls or messages.

You can also measure heart rate and blood saturation through this Oshen Watch.

By the way, you can use the features at bedtime or you can also evaluate. With which you can easily examine and noticed.

Ohsen watch can be called low budget luxury smartwatch. In which you will get good multi-functional features.

In Oshen watch, you will get a hard aluminum shell along with HD retina display.

Overall Features Of Oshen Watch

You do not need batteries in the Oshen smartwatch. All you have to do is plug in the Oshen Watch at the top using a micro-USB cable.

You can avail single charge for 96 hours.

It does not matter whether you select Apple products or Android products. This oshen smartwatch easily synchronic with all types of devices. Because the interface of this Oshen Watch is so simple that anyone can easily use it.

The design of this Oshen Watch is quite adaptable. Whether you are going for a business meeting or a casual meeting, this smartwatch will be suitable everywhere.

Judging by durability, comfortability, or design, this Oshen smartwatch is suitable for daily use.

 The design of the Oshen Smartwatch is such that your wrist will not look large. Stylish design that you can wear on any occasion.

12 Premium features of Oshen watch 2020:

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • IP6/7 waterproof
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracking or monitoring
  • Large Color screen
  • Calorie monitor
  • Incoming call
  • Reminder(Alarm)
  • Steps tracking (monitoring)
  • Bracelet look up
  • Long-lasting battery
  • WeChat display

Specifications of Oshen watch

You will also get features like heart rate and Pedometer in this Oshen smartwatch.

It supports smartwatches on both Android and iOS devices.

Oshen smartwatch has latest GPS navigation and Bluetooth version.

Difference Between OshenWatch and OshenWatch Luxe  

Bluetooth version

Oshen Smartwatch: 4.0

Oshen Watch Luxe: 3.0 and 4.0

Biometric measurements

Oshen Smartwatch: Blood oxygen, Blood pressure, Heart rate.

Oshen Watch Luxe: Blood oxygen, ECG, Blood pressure, Heart rate

Sleep Mode

Oshen Smartwatch: Available

Oshen Watch Luxe: Available

Alarm Feature

Oshen Smartwatch: Available

Oshen Watch Luxe: Available

Dial Feature

Oshen Smartwatch: Available

Oshen Watch Luxe: Available

Music Player Feature

Oshen Smartwatch: Not Available

Oshen Watch Luxe: Available

Device features

Oshen Smartwatch: Android 4.4 or above that,  iOS 8.0 or above that.

Oshen Watch Luxe: Android 5.0 or above that, iOS 8.0 or above that

Technical Things Oshen Smartwatch

High definition (HD) quality large display.

Heart rate measurement and ECG feature available in this Oshen watch.

Oxygen saturation feature is also available on Oshen Smartwatch.

If we talk about battery then Lithium Ion battery is available.

Sleep tracker exist

Adaptable design exist in Oshen watch 

As far as health is concerned, calorie counter and pedometer are also available in this Oshen watch.

You will also find leather look Bracelet in this smartwatch. Black and Brown will be in color.

Pros and Cons of Oshen Smartwatch

  • Battery Life: Longer battery life that will allow you to monitor continuously.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Sleep Manager is in place to track how your recovery
  • Features cum Stylish: The look is also very stylish with great features.
  • Affordable: Despite being good and useful features, this Oshen Smartwatch is quite affordable.
  • Fitness Tracker: The Oshen watch is also a perfect fitness tracker with style.
  • Easy to Sync: The Oshen Smartwatch syncs with Android and iOS devices quite easily.
  • Only Online: The first drawback is that you can buy Oshen watch only online.
  • Missing ECG: ECG feature is also not present in Oshen watch.

Advantage of buying Oshen watch

Saves money and quality features 

Save Gym memberships

Low cost multiple functions

Refund policy within 30-days of delivery

Why Oshen watch:

In this Oshen watch, Biometric sensors are exist. It measures your blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate and sleep quality.

You can measure and evaluate your fitness goal. You can track your calories burn, distance calculation, steps records.

 You can get notifications without touching your device.

You connect wmto any device with advance level Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Battery life is too long. It provides 96 hours in case of normal usage on single charge.

Customer Reviews of Oshen Smartwatch

I was searching for a smartwatch which I don’t need to worry about my fitness and my activities tracking after wearing. Oshen Smartwatch was a great option for me. 

Yes there are some drawbacks such as the ECG feature is not there but still, we can ignore this drawback keeping in mind other good features.

Rishabh Chaturvedi – Bangalore

Actually, I was suffering from obesity and gastric problem. Our family doctor advised me to buy any smart tool. So that I can track my fitness easily. I bought Oshen Smartwatch. 

I will not say that the Oshen smartwatch is the best but I can also arrange and track my fitness and my schedule easily. So I am satisfied with this Oshen smartwatch.

Priyesh Jhaveri – Navi Mumbai

FAQ on Oshen Watch 2020:

Que 1: Can I call with this Oshen Watch?

Ans 1: Firstly you have Bluetooth headset. Which are used as microphones and headphones.
As per the manufacturer you can call through the Oshen watch while walking or jogging.

Que 2: Can we access the internet with this watch?

Ans 2: It depends on the network area. If you want to send messages or receive messages through WhatsApp, the internet will be available for you.

Que 3: With which operating system Is Ocean Watch compatible? 

Ans 3: You can integrate with any devices that use Android or iOS.

Que 4: Is this Oshen watch only for men?

Ans 4: Actually this Oshen watch has a muscular type design. So if your partner has no problem then female can also take advantage of the same features.

Que 5: How much battery capacity of this Oshen watch?

Ans 5: The Oshen watch’s battery provides 96 hours in case of normal usage on single charge.

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Conclusion on Oshen Smartwatch

If I tell you about the Oshen Watch, then if you can forget the known brand, you can adopt another brand and with it, if you want good features in a low cost budget, then Oshen Smartwatch is a great option for you.

At last everyone’s preference is different. Otherwise I think you can go for Oshen Watch.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Thank You.

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