Oppo Smartwatch Review, Price, and Specification 2022

Should you invest your money in Oppo Smartwatch?

Don’t worry, here we will talk about the review, price, and specification of Oppo Smartwatch which will let you know whether Smartwatch Android Oppo is for you or not?

So let’s know what features Oppo Smartwatch gives us.

OPPO Smartwatch Review 2020

By the way, there is a lot of discussion about Oppo New Smartwatch. The discussion is about the design of the Oppo smartwatch.

After all, what is this? In this article, we will talk about all the main points of OPPO Smartwatch 4G, which is important to know.

By the way, Oppo F3 Smartwatch, Oppo Neo 7 Smartwatch, Oppo f1s Smartwatch, Smartwatch Oppo F3, Oppo Smartwatch is completely different from all these watches.

Because of this, we will not compare with all of them.

But we would like to compare Oppo Smartwatch with Apple watch. Why so?

In this article further, you will know why I am saying this.

So let’s know about Oppo Smartwatch review, price, and specification.

First of all, let me tell you the Oppo Smartwatch Vs Apple Watch – Smartwatch Comparison, if you want to read, you can see which will give you more clarity in reading this article.

By the way, the release date of Oppo Smartwatch was on 6 March in India. But it has not been launched, and after that, clear information has not come from OPPO yet.

You might have seen the first glimpse of the Oppo smartwatch. Well, without copying something, it cannot move. Isn’t it?

Oppo launched its first Oppo smartwatch with integrated cellular and a trick screen.

Let me tell you one thing, the power, and features of Oppo Smartwatch are amazing, but as I said earlier, copying has become a habit.

Do you not look like Oppo Smartwatch at all like Apple Watch?

However, the Oppo company does not shy away from emulating anyone else.

3D Curved Glass : Talking about the features, the 3D curved glass crystal with a 4.5mm aluminum frame is present in the Oppo Watch. And there is a 3D ceramic design on the backside.

Straps: The straps present in this smartwatch from Oppo company are calfskin leather or flouro rubber. And these straps are present in different colors.

Oppo Smartwatch Design: The thing is that the design of its smartwatch that Oppo has designed is similar to Apple Watch. There is too much similarity.

The design of the Oppo smartwatch matches the design of the Apple Watch so much that it would be very difficult to believe that it has been designed in a casual way.

Even the interface and graphics of the Oppo Smartwatch are similar to Apple Watch.

Flexible Hyperboloid Screen: By the way, Oppo says that we are the first to use a flexible hyperboloid screen and we are proud.

eSIM and NFC functions: The OPPO smartwatch has eSIM cellular connectivity.

With the help of which you can also use Oppo Smartwatch as a phone for voice calls. Not only this, but you can also connect online with a paired smartphone.

You do not have to look again to pick up the phone. Apart from this, an emoji on the Oppo Smartwatch is also displayed.

Monitoring and Tracking: The OPPO smartwatch also has functions of sleep monitoring and heart rate tracking.

On which OPPO says that it has done very deep research in this function and has since launched this function.

The Oppo Smartwatch can also track your light sleep or deep sleep and wake up time. Not only this, but it can also track menstruation.

A breathing reminder is also present here. OPPO has an application called OPPO HeyTap Health App.

So it will link with Android smartphones running the OPPO HeyTap Health App.

Battery Durability: This Oppo smartwatch has both a Snapdragon chipset as well as an Apollo chip. They can flip to balance the durability of the battery.

By the way, OPPO says that this smartwatch can last up to 40 hours.

The Power Saver Mode: The power saver mode – which, like notifications, brings back the functionality of the basics – promises up to 21 days on a single charge.

Oppo also says that power saver diversion increases functionality, due to which this smartwatch can last up to 40 hours.

VOOC Flash Charging: This OPPO smartwatch has dubbed VOOC flash charging. Which gives you 46 percent charge in 15 minutes.

Oppo says that this smartwatch takes 75 minutes to full charge and this is enough.

Although the Oppo smartwatch has a lot of features, there is also an outrage.

Displeasure is that the design of the Oppo smartwatch matches that of the Apple Watch. And that is why wearable will be ignored by discussing the similarity of Apple Watch.

Display: If we talk about the experience of display of Oppo smartwatch, then 1.91in AMOLED curved screen left and right both sides are present which looks beautiful.

And screen resolution is 402×476 and 326 PPI. And it reaches the level of the retina screen.

Based on Android 8: Google Wear OS has not been used in Oppo smartwatches. Oppo is ColorOS Watch, which is based on Android 8.1.

Face Management: There are many wallpaper options available in the watch face management of Oppo Smartwatch.

And egg dial is quite an interactive option among all these options. Click on the dynamic balloons on the dial. When you play like this, you become more relieve.

AI can take pictures of you with your mobile phone due to the presence of AI.

Also, It matches colors very smartly and generates some watch dials that match your wear.

Photo Album Dial: Photo album dial can select photos from albums as watch dial or you can select recall albums as a watch face for 1 week, 1 month, and more months.

I would like to remind you that OPPO Watch 46mm is bigger than the version of Apple Watch. The OPPO Watch will be big in the hands of those who have a thin wrist.

There is an app store for the ColorOS watch platform that runs the current version of the smartwatch.

Here Oppo is saying that soon we are making another version that is compatible with other markets. So why should we be surprised to see Google’s Wear OS? We will not be surprised at all.

You are well aware that where advantages exist, disadvantages also exist. So let’s know about the Pros and Cons of Oppo Smartwatch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oppo Smartwatch

  • Appearance is beautiful.
  • Display is wide
  • VOOC flash charging
  • eSim and NFC functions
  • Flexible hyperboloid screen
  • Using AI technology
  • Watch face management
  • AMOLED curved screen
  • Wireless charger
  • Whose wrist will be thin, this Oppo Watch will be big on his hand. And for this reason, a person with a thin wrist will not look good in his hand.
  • Third-party application has limited access.

Need Help? For whom it will be very easy to decide whether to use the OPPO smartwatch or not?

If you are already users of Oppo mobile phone, then the Oppo Smartwatch is the best choice for you. You can invest your money in Oppo Smartwatch. Because you are well versed with the features of Oppo Company.

FAQ on Oppo Smartwatch review, price, and specification

What is the release date of Oppo Smartwatch in India?

No clear information has been given by OPPO yet.

What is the Oppo Smartwatch price in India?

The price of Oppo Smartwatch in India is estimated to be Rs 21990.

Does the Oppo smartwatch have a heart monitoring feature?

Yes. The Oppo smartwatch has a heart monitoring feature.

What’s new in Oppo Smartwatch that we like?

By the way, there are many features but a flexible hyperboloid screen has been used in Oppo Smartwatch. And Oppo says that we are the first to use it.

How is the charging capacity of Oppo Smartwatch?

The OPPO Smartwatch has VOOC flash charging which gives you 46 percent charge in 15 minutes

Is the calling option available in Oppo F3 Smartwatch?

Yes. The Calling option is available in Oppo F3 Smartwatch.

What is the battery life of Oppo Smartwatch?

OPPO Smartwatch can last up to 40 hours.

Conclusion on Oppo Smartwatch review, price, and specification

Looking at the review, price, and specification of Oppo Smartwatch, you must have known whether you should take Oppo Smartwatch in the year of 2020 or not?

By the way, if we look at the function of Oppo Smartwatch and the price, we can take this smartwatch. But still what features we want depends on it.

We compared the Oppo smartwatch with an apple watch. So here if you do not want to invest much money and also want good features, then you can go for Oppo Smartwatch.

Especially the person who is using the Oppo smartphone, then the Oppo Smartwatch is a great option for that person.

Hope you like my article.

My heartfelt thanks for giving you all your valuable time.

If possible, please share this article and if there is any query or suggestion, then you can comment here.

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