Non-parametric tests in Regression analysis.

The custodial should not believe it should not have any That’s it Because all the variants should be explained by the linearity Don’t make this a suitable That’s the reason I did not want to taxes it Listens to it It makes it very much confusion The toe make it simple The extent very variables should be more linear now What is the independence of the others What is independence off I like in good a linear it if you want I’m not able to frame it right What is the independence of others Every time we get one value there But well you should be constant Okay Okay So what is the equation Often linear regression She told you Like if I want to mention it in the population be not plus uh be a excite Can I mention is the farm rifle Is it far enough Infant must be absolute What they call it us You call This isn’t here again.

This a rectum is very much important case So they never were splendid data The data which I told you this becomes a panel later Under this becomes a time series data isn’t cross-section data For example if it took the company from I e DC they have several chronic soil Uh shampoo Eso Uh uh What are let’s take some beauty polder Something on sales in the year 2000 Sales Different color scales 2011 sales 2012 cells in year two toes interacting This is Adam don’t are don’t continue to see entertained Break No this sale in the year two toes had been sales in year two toes 11 Will it is more or less safe Will it be linear Are the sales in two toes and then can we forecast the sales in photos 11 There’s so it isn’t dependent but 70 years or it So the variable becomes dependent with them in the time series.

So far executing and regulation data It’s a big-time independent The error value should not be time-dependent Therefore this time-dependent we cannot executive That is a very important assumption Foreign regulation It should be time-independent so if you could afford it in some books they will mention it Does independents offer header ways on this absolute night when were collecting over the period of time What does this independent off limits this year Sales on this year states We should not take the time cities to execute the situation when you have to take the time cities that isn’t different way off exuding the ah times.

It is that we have to bring the trend and seasonality unsightly Cal API We have this three concept since times it is time cities So when we go into the city’s off when we touch upon the concepts of times it is the model We’ll tell you what this horrendous seasonally and psychic ability that is where you’re going to take the time-series data to executive deregulation Do not consider any time series data If with this Time series data it should be treated properly How to treat it We have toe can be operating linear regression equation on We have the Council of the Time Systems and it takes a sequence off steps Number of steps so far right note this independent off error means this absolute I it should be independent of.

What does it mean Previously A sales at this year sale The time cities do they touch not be taken to execute any American When we come back again to this right now we just forget it Next Normality Ben Ship So the data must be normally distributed it whenever the data is not normally distributed So there are various some other metrics non-parametric tests to do execute integration That is not the scope of this session are for example for that matter not is couple your baby ecosystems The data is not normal We would force me convergent normal by taking log that we have seen Great The log The Squire That is some other concepts called us non parameter vectors That is different all the better It’s believed the data is not normal You have to convert it to be No If the data is not liable then you cannot execute and linear regression Next The last concept this home ask elasticity home on skid asked I hope the spelling is late More elasticity.

Okay so it assumes the equal variants Whatever the variables that you have taken it sold constantly variances constant They’re aliens does not change How do you check it Using Levin’s test They we’re easing off What millions off this area Absolutely right So put it in simple terms The variability of values The same as the variability off X If via site they should be I Okay So this for terms linearity independence fairer normality and equal variants I want you to do some homer right It cannot be understood Like I’m tender 15 minutes off them the day that should be linear in this sense on nonlinear day diet if you put it okay to put it in simple terms like explaining the video report zero it should be linear data.

That is what should be considered for this morning The independence affairs The time series data should not be taken Normally the distribution should know that almost capacities in the almost elasticity it means the equal variances But you find the variance using Levin’s test right so much I could explain right now I would not want Oh what’s confuse you So uh annoying all the assumptions These four assumptions are very much important So any don’t care I certainly know there is a lot of doubt You please do some warmer again We’ll go to the largest integration concept The same assumptions of the regression Leave it that step.

All right So please do some homework on this l an In the linearity independence off era normality and the equal idioms Why did stress upon this airtime is very very very important Like all the When you raid in this whenever you rated regulation in questions error is very very important All the assumptions are based on this air from it This area isn’t very very important With unexplainable comes to this area only based on this error all these assumptions are validated I do I’m not supposed to explain all this concept as a mentor I’m only supposed to take the case study on I have to solve it out So you people are completely blank on this assumptions So please do some homework on this assumption If you’re not more clear will again discuss it next week You know going back to America History Onda learning objective.

So very clear on the concepts of water simple in l aggression Multiple in irritation using the case 32 case that is under this Did this Excel also help you Yes I suppose a but it so what greater So you learn how to do be not and be one in excel the Macia Remesy How did how do you calculate the actually minutes predicted the average off all the squares a culture in the embassy Alec on you Take the square root in Becomes the pharmacy on you calculated how took on your phone how to calculate Deqin Maybe mean absolute personal jitters Important Take away from this sessions are going to really stink You take this corn chips Hey Onda Uh for me this far Lol you may solitary may not look but my kind of dresses straight asshole wants and you forget it later.

So you may remember the important concepts How to capture this be would be not how to calculate the MSC our embassy That is so you you can read your management or the clink right You do something inviting Nobody’s going to believe you You can if you do something a formula This is how can predict foreign experience off So also I’m able to predict this 100 Then you may be able to convince you Manage Hey So as a part, of course, I did not learn this but still So since I wanted to convince the management I took an extra step on how to solve this on there Posted the same thing to the claim Tend to the management on Then they can resolve this How the regression looks So they were completely blamed You say something you are going to predict and nobody’s going to believe you collect under We have sold two cases that is But it’s so you small.

So you raise a question this residual and fitted plot So what specifically wanted to know about this school And you mentioned a boat Explain briefly here wasn’t brief enough for her What else do we want All right So I think I’ve taken the best to explain all the concepts This is linear and simple The multiple in integration How did this one unit increase in the coefficient of acceptable How can you predict the way Baby that is important Take away here right on The coordination on More important for this highly correlated If it is a multi culinary in nature But then you have to treat after either drop the variables and then you have to integrate a multiple linear regression Rick So any other known guests Regeni It’s Miles Monica Please raise questions.

So I tried my level best to explain Whatever I have prepared Slager suddenly so creepy said that extension Imitrex name You know I’ll go through it then I think it will be much more clearer A lip So Okay I just did at school You wondered it No So how did this all day adjusted at script So Yeah so if you go back to them except they are squid and undisturbed as quick So some statisticians used to tell as the r squared is not in perfect metric The number of independent variable increases Onda uh you have to take the number of records also in consideration right So I take the degrees of freedom Intercounty degrees of freedom is the number of records him and see only I know what table If you could remember Yemen See we have one variable See And what is Yemen.

See So based on the degrees of freedom is on the total records I have total often minus two and becomes thank well also have taken total off nine records So I have one independent variable And when a seat then it becomes in minus one is the degrees of freedom right That again the sea is one the degrees of freedom is so if you could go back to their know our classes and it could very fail toe culture this degree of freedom I think it will be war sensible on someone squared for the residual they were had with the degrees of freedom some off the square for the total they were with the degrees of freedom My objective is to find the regression How much was made Regression able to explain Therefore since I’m taking the stool on the total I’ve used one minus off the It s a new one and it totally I’ll be able to find it I’m just an ad script for this condition.

All right so I think Give me just two minutes Guess I just extreme that So in this plot the regulation explanation the Grecian sum of squared on the unexplained village right This unexplained is I put it as a recipe Well there’s a Horton and there’s the regression Only in this I want to find How much did the regression explain That’s what may I ask what is trying to account it considering the degrees of freedom How much did they ask Would explain just I’m considering the degrees of freedom if you consider the degrees of freedom How How good memory It’s my clear I don’t know I think no Oh Okay So uh if you’re asked with an interview question What is the difference between this multiple art where they are square on that Just ask were right in this linear regression you come up with one word Time to smell The plastic multiple at school is just nothing With the correlation between this eccentric the are square is nothing But how much did the regression explain They were very total.

They had just done Oscar It is nothing with how much According to the degrees of freedom How much did Electrician explain We have one more column This degree of freedom according to this degree of freedom how much did make cars quite explain Right Usually it simply will not be making much sense If you take multiple linear regression then are just ask Willacy app metric to consider And neither do I guess so Between I noted what is the perfect definition So if any other note gays please stay else we’re gonna decision Yes yes You need a dog s Yeah Was the explosion cleared enough So this is what I wanted toe perfectly take decision They’re crippled in such a way Take it in and oh planned approach Interesting story A We have learned about Lena indignation on If you want to learn more about the advance topics in please Goto great learning at enemy platform Very well Get almost 80 plus three courses on after completing a course to contain your certificate as well.

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