How to Hide Apps on iPhone in Settings 2022: Here are the Ways

By the way, Apple does not allow you to hide apps completely like Android. 

Of Course, there are security reasons behind this.

Luckily you can hide some things which can be difficult to find.

Of course, some tricks are available. But not 100% secure.

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone in Settings: Finding Ways

If we talk about iOS 14, then in this you can hide the app from the home screen. But how? By moving to the App library.

Yes, but if someone goes to the App Library and sees it, then it will be easily visible. 

But it will not appear on the home screen.

For this you will need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, long press on the App’s icon present on the home screen.

Step 2: Click on the Remove App

Step 3: Click on Move to App Library

If you want, you can also move any new app directly to the App Library. Due to which that new app will not appear on the home screen.

Not 100% Completely Hide 

As I said at the beginning of the article, 100% permission is not given to hide any apps from Apple.

Yes, if you want to delete an app, then you can do it by following the steps shown below:

  • Tap & Hold the icon and then delete it.

So can the app be hidden without deleting it?

So the answer is yes. You can do this by using some tricks.

Like you can disable features like some icons, notifications, etc.

Exclusion: Siri Suggestions App 

By the way, let me tell you one thing that some suggestions will always appear on the screen of your iPhone.

If you repeatedly search by typing an app, then that app may be shown to you as suggested.

If you are using the apps most of the time, Siri will always show the recommendation list.

Apple’s assistant will first understand the behavior patterns and then show you the suggestions apps lists.

For our simplicity, many apps allow iOS to index the search database.

And this thing can give a lot of information/suggestions compared to a simple Siri.

With its help, any file or document can be easily found.

Step 1: Tap Settings

Step 2: Siri and Find the App (That you want to hide)

Step 3: Disable all options

Stel 4: Disable Show App (Due to this, the app will not appear in the suggestion list.)

If you want to search hidden apps, then you have to remember the icon of the app.

As you know you cannot hide 100%.

You will see the search field in iOS settings. You can do a quick find by typing from there. No matter how much you have hidden, but in the end, you will get to see it in the search field in the settings.

Hide The App in a Folder

Whenever it comes to hiding the app through the folder, then the question of where to keep that app icon always remains.

Especially when the hidden app is used frequently, then you would always like to open the app easily in a few steps.

If you are going to use the app once a week, then you can try something different.

If you want, you can tap and hold the icon until all the icons on the screen start moving.

After this, by creating a folder, you can give whatever name you want.

Disable App Notifications

Notifications are visible to you even after hiding the app many times. So for this follow the steps shown below:

Step 1: Tap Settings

Step 2: Notification

Step 3: Find the app

Step 4: Tap the App

Step 5: Disable Allow Notifications

If you want, you can hide notifications from the lock screen.

The best solution is to disable all settings options if possible.

Hide Downloads App Store History

Even if you deleted the app from your iPad or iPhone, the App Store will remember the download history.

This thing will appear in the Purchased tab.

Luckily apple allows you to hide purchase history.

To see the Previous Purchase Tab, you have to follow the steps shown below.

Step 1: Tap App Store

Step 2: Select Today Tab

Step 3: Click user icon (top right corner)

Step 4: Click on Purchased

If you want to hide app, you just need to do swipe left on it and click “Hide” 

Hide Photos and Videos 

If you want to hide videos and photos, you can easily do that. But the thing is it’s not 100% secure.

If you want to hide any photo, you need to tap  Share options. And select the Hide option.

Whatever photos and videos you have hidden will be stored in the Hidden album. And it is not 100% secure. Anyone can see the hidden photos or videos.

The main motto of this feature is that photos and videos should not appear on your main timeline.

Conclusion on How to hide apps on iPhone in settings

The conclusion of How to hide apps on iPhone in settings is that Apple does not allow 100% to do so.

Yes, there are definitely some ways that we have discussed in this article, which will definitely give you some favor.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to comment.

Thank you so much for your valuable time.

Thank You.

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