How to book e-tickets on IRCTC: {Step-By-Step}

Many of us would have been standing at the railway station to book tickets in long queues.

There are still many people in the country who do not know how to book railway tickets online. And this is important to know.

So I will tell you to step by step in very easy words that how to book e-tickets on IRCTC?

But before that, you also need to know what is IRCTC? And why is it important for all of us to book online?

What is IRCTC? 

The full form of IRCTC is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

IRCTC is a branch of the Indian Railway. The job of IRCTC is to do online ticket booking and catering.

IRCTC earlier used to offer online ticket booking facilities from the website itself.

But now IRCTC's application has been launched named IRCTC Rail Connect. This application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Now you have to go to any place in the country, you do not need to go to the railway station to book tickets.

Now you can book tickets and inquiries right from home.

You do not even need to print the ticket.

You can show the receipt on your phone. Not only this, but you will also get a discount on booking online tickets from the Indian government.

If I tell you statistics, every day around 6,00,000 people book tickets.

Just like we create an account on facebook, WhatsApp, it is quite easy to create an account on IRCTC.

Perhaps the question in your mind is what are the premium functions of IRCTC?

So IRCTC's premium functions like;

  • IRCTC Find Train and Book Tickets
  • Train Tracking, Registration through Application
  • Tickets Availability Function
  • Meal (Food) Booking
  • Tickets Cancellation 
  • Book Flight Tickets etc.

To book railway tickets online through the IRCTC application, first, you have to create an account which is quite easy. It is 100% free.

If you want, you can create an account on the IRCTC website or application.

Don't worry I will tell you the easy step-by-step how to make an IRCTC account for ticket booking?

Booking the IRCTC online ticket is very easy and if you do not know more about the technology, you can still book the ticket easily.

How to book IRCTC train tickets online?

First of all, let me tell you that if someone is booking online tickets the first time, then booking online train tickets for them is quite easy. There are no technical steps.

Follow the steps shown below:

step 1

Install IRCTC Application - First go to Play Store and search IRCTC.

How to book E tickets on IRCTC TechSpy

step 2

Due to Corona Pandemic, the government has placed some restrictions on the food and drinking facility on the train. You will have to arrange the food and drink on your own

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Step TechSpy

step 3

After this, you will see such a display

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Steps TechSpy

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Steps TechSpy

step 4

If you are using it for the first time, then you have to tap on "Register Users". And if you have already registered, then simply enter the user's name and password and log in

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Step 4 TechSpy

step 5

As soon as you tap on "Register Users", you have to add your basic details such as your name, date of birth, and whatever information you want to keep the user name and password.

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Step 5 TechSpy

step 6

After adding all the information, tap on "Plan My Journey".

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Step 6 TechSpy

step 7

Now you have to tap on "From STN (Station Name)". Later you have to tap on "To STN (Station Name)".

Where you have to reach is to write the name of the station. Along with this, the date on which you are going to travel has to be added to you.

How to book E tickets on IRCTC Step 7 TechSpy

step 8

As soon as you complete step 7 and search, then you will see the timing and availability of all the trains that will be present on your stated roots.

If you see WL written then WL means Waiting List.

And if RAC appears written then it means Reservation Against Cancellation.

step 9

If you do not see WL or RAC written, it means tickets are available. You will see something like this.

Then you can get your tickets booked by putting information like your name, gender, age, etc. by taping on that train.

If I talk about payment, you can do it through Net Banking, UPI, or Debit card.

 Most people book advance tickets. 

People book tickets 10 days to 3 months in advance. And sometimes our plan has to be canceled for some reason. Due to this, we have to cancel the ticket.

But let me tell you that canceling the ticket incurs a Ticket cancellation charge.

Ticket cancellation charge

If you cancel the ticket 48 hours before the departure of the train, then according to the situations given below, you will have to pay the charge:

For AC First Class Or Executive Class Ticket: 

Rs 240 + GST.

For AC Tier 2 Class tickets: cancellation charge Rs. 200 + GST होगा.

For AC Tier 3 Class Tickets: Rs 180 + GST.

Sleeper Class Ticket: Rs 120 + GST

If you cancel the ticket 12 hours before the departure of the train, then for all AC Class Ticket, you will have to pay 25% + GST of Base Fare.

FAQ On How to book e-tickets on IRCTC: A Complete Easy Guide

Que 1: How can I print a ticket from IRCTC without login?

Ans 1: If you do not want to login through the IRCTC website or application, you can also do it through PNR. Write in PNR in the same way when you check your reservation status.

After that, you have to select Menu. Then select File and tap Print. (Menu > File > Print)

Que 2: How can I check my booking in IRCTC?

Ans 2: You have to log in to the website or application first.

After login, click on "My Transaction".

After that, you have to scroll a little down and click on "Booked Ticket History".

Que 3: Can we book a ticket on IRCTC at night at any time?

Ans 3: Yes. As per IRCTC, online ticket booking is allowed from 12:20 am to 11: 45 pm on every day including Sunday also.

Online booking of the tickets is allowed from 00:20 am to 11:45 pm on all days, including Sundays, as per IRCTC.

Que 4: What is the mode of Payment?

Ans 4: You can make the payment through Credit card, Net Banking, Debit card, BHIM or UPI, e-wallets, etc.

Que 5: What is the maximum number of bookings per month?

Ans 5: IRCTC users can book 6 tickets on 1 ID in 1 month.

But the one whose account is Aadhar Verification can book 12 tickets in 1 month on one ID.

Conclusion on How to book e-tickets on IRCTC

I hope you get the proper information in your mind through this How to book e-tickets on IRCTC article.

I feel and hope you liked this article.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Thank You.

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