How Does Telegram Make Money

Today people are earning money by doing their business by building their network from Telegram.

But do you know How Does Telegram Make Money?

By the way, when it comes to messenger, the first thing that comes to mind is Whatsapp.

Of course Speed, File share, Encryption keeps WhatsApp at the top position.

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But let me tell you that an application was launched right from the beginning with the same features. 

And today it is working in the top position with better features than before.

In today’s era, communication data is a very valuable asset.

It is very important to maintain data privacy and security during communication.

And in this case, there cannot be a better option than Telegram. You can easily download and create a Telegram account.

Telegram is an online internet messenger like Facebook and WhatsApp.

But the USP and security of Telegram is completely different and safe.

A lot of people have questions about How to Create a Telegram without a phone number, and how telegram makes money? etc…

Before knowing How Does Telegram Make Money, let us know what is there in Telegram, due to which it is different from all other platforms?

How is Telegram Platform different from all other platforms? 

Types Of File and Size 

You can easily transfer files in Telegram.

You can transfer data or files of a maximum 1.5 GB size in Telegram.

That is, if you have to share a big file, that too in a secure way, then Telegram is the best platform.

It is not possible to transfer such a large file on Whatsapp.

And yeah Telegram X is also good. There are differences between Telegram and Telegram X.


Cloud storage features in Telegram are quite beneficial for users.

Due to cloud storage, you can download receiver video as well as streaming.

While sending files to any user in Telegram, there is no problem with the types of files.

Bots & Channels

In simple words, Bots are just a normal Telegram account that is operated by software.

These AI features are bots. And these bots are used for broadcast, reminders, teaching, etc.

  • Telegram Groups

In Telegram Groups, you can add people from your contact lists to the group. You can also join through the link.

Up to 2,00,000 members join such a group.

  • Channels

The admin can post according to the permission in the channels. 

This type of channel is used for images, broadcasting videos, texts.

Cloud Storage 

Telegram believes in Cloud Storage.

You can easily track your sessions. Apart from this, you can download files anywhere and that too without backup.


Telegram gives users the option to send data in uncompressed form.

Often the details are lost when the images are compressed by other messaging apps.

But this is not the case in Telegram. In Telegram, you can send your data in a very secure way without any loss.

Now let’s talk about Telegram Business Model and know how does telegram earns money?

Business Model Of Telegram

If I talk about March 2014, then 35 million people have downloaded Telegram Including all these people, more than 8 billion messages were exchanged in a month.

And today more than 1 billion people are Telegram users.

Telegram is at the top in terms of privacy and security. 

And that’s why more and more people are now giving priority to Telegram than WhatsApp.

You must be aware that many times questions were raised on Facebook and Whatsapp regarding data security and privacy in the recent time period.

Russian brothers Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov started this platform.

Valuation of close to 5 billion has been done for Telegram.

Till now Telegram has not invested money in its promotion or branding.

The growth of Telegram is organic. People especially liked the Data Privacy and Security features very much.

A Telegram received 150 million funding under Mubadala and Abu Dhabi CP through IPO convertible bonds.

Telegram raised a total fund of more than 1 billion.

How Does Telegram Make Money

According to Telegram’s official blog, Telegram is a free app. And currently running as a donations.

What did Pavel Durov say?

He said that Telegram is a fast and secure messaging platform.

He further said that Telegram is currently running on donation.

Many people praised his statement.

Pavel Durov said that if Telegram fails, we will find some paid options to support our team, finance developer, and infrastructure.

But Telegram’s Final Goal is not to make profits.

But Pavel Durov also talked about the revenue generation point of view in the future.

All the fee features currently available in Telegram will remain free in future also.

We will launch new features for the business community and some power users 

In which more resources will also be available with premium features which will be paid. 

But those who are regular Telegram users can use it forever for free without any hassle.

The messaging part in Telegram will remain ad-free.

We believe that it would be wrong to show ads in private chats or group chats.

Communication between people should be ad-free and secure 

If Telegram starts earning money, then the community associated with us will also get benefits.

If we monetize through ad platforms on large public channels, then the owners of that channel will be allocated traffic according to the size of the channel.

And if Premium stickers are launched with expressive features from Telegram, then any artist who has made stickers will also get a share of the profit.

Future Strategies Of Telegram (According to Pavel Durov)

Pavel Durov said that Telegram has 2 Revenue Generating Strategies.

  • Freemium Benefits

Telegram is planning to launch Premium Stickers in which users can buy stickers and use them in chats.

  • Advertisement

Telegram will generate its revenue through advertising. But not like Facebook or Whatsapp.

Apart from this, there will be no tampering with the data.

And these ads will be shared in one-to-many groups only through Telegram’s own ad platform.

Not only this, but the channel admin will also get revenue sharing.

So even after knowing all this, if you do not feel comfortable then you can delete your Telegram account permanently.

FAQ on How Does Telegram Make Money

  1. Does Telegram give money?

    By the way, Telegram does not pay channels or groups. No monetization program is available.

    But people are earning lakhs of rupees through telegram by selling products, providing services, or by posting manual ads.

  2. How does Telegram Make Money?

    By the way, Telegram is running on donations according to the official blog.

    But they have revenue generating strategies. 

    Advertising, premium stickers, etc. are present in their revenue generating options.

    Monetize will advertise in one-to-many groups through your own ad platform.

  3. Is Telegram a non-profit?

    Telegram was launched in 2013 by two brothers Pavel Durov and Nikolai.

    There is a strong intensity of Telegram that the ultimate goal is not to earn profit. But Telegram is not a nonprofit organization.

  4. What is telegram’s net worth?

    Telegram CEO Pavel Durov was listed on the Forbes Billionaires List, 2021. 

    His net worth is 17.2 billion dollars. He is the 112th Richest person in the world.

  5. How does Telegram stay free?

    It’s all about infrastructure. Telegram has a multi-datacenter and encryption.

    And it is very secure and faster.

    Moreover, private chats are free and will stay free according to telegram.

    There are no subscription fees, no ads, etc

Conclusion on How Does Telegram Make Money

Seeing Best Privacy and Security, Premium Features, and User-Friendly Experience, the chances of Telegram becoming the fastest growing Messenger app are high.

Apart from this, there is such a large number of organic users without marketing and this is the plus point.

I hope you liked this article.

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