Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review: Features and Price in India 2022

Before you buy Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch or not, we will first know about the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review, features, and price.

Fitbit Ionic has sleep tracking, outstanding battery life, payments, software updates, etc. 

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Specifications, Review 2020

The Fitbit ionic is designed to give you your fitness big picture. Housed in a sleek-looking wearable is a smart hub that provides coaching, workouts, tracking, and more all backed by built-in GPS, multi-sport modes, and smart track automatic exercise recognition.

Fitbit ionic is designed to achieve your fitness goals.

This sleek-looking smartwatch has features like workouts, tracking, coaching, multi-sport modes, automatic exercise recognition.

So let’s get to know the features of the Fitbit ionic Smartwatch.

1) General Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • In Box: Smartwatch, Charging Cable,  Users Guide, Warranty Card
  • Model Name: Ionic

2) Display Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Screen Size: 1.4 inch
  • Screen Protection: With Corning Gorilla Glass, v3
  • Pixel Density Sharpness: 306 ppi
  • Screen Resolution: 348 × 250 pixels 

3) Additional Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Reminders: Available
  • Alarm Clock: Available
  • Stopwatch: Available
  • Goal Setting: Available
  • Coaching (Real-Time): Available

4) Battery Feature of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Battery Life Expectancy: Up to 4 Days

5) Water Resistant Feature of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Waterproof: IP Certified

6) Multimedia Feature of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Music Player: Available. MP3 Format

7) Activity Tracker Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Distance Measurements: Available
  • Calories Intake & Calories Burned: Available
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Available
  • Sleeping Quality Time: Available
  • Active Minutes Count: Available
  • Steps Count: Available
  • Sleeping Hours Count: Available

8) Sensors Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Light: Available
  • Accelerometer: Available
  • GPS: Available. With Glonass.
  • Gyro: Available

9) Compatibility Feature of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Compatible With: Android v4.4, iOS

10) Design features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Straps Changeable: Available
  • Material Used: Aluminum
  • Interface: Touch
  • Shape Surface: Flat, Rectangular
  • Clock Face: Digital
  • Colors Availability: Slate Blue, Blue Gray, Charcoal

11) Hardware Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Internal Memory: 2.5 GB

12) Notification Features of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • Timer: Available
  • Alarm: Available

13)Price Feature of Fitbit Ionic SmartwatchPrice:

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch price in India is 22499 Rs.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review

By the way, a smartwatch that you have to connect to the smartphone all the time is not a good thing according to me. I mean, it is not useful.

And that is why Fitbit Blaze has lagged behind. The Fitbit Ionic is great in this case.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch has 2.5 GB of music storage. With which you can save up to 300 songs in the device.

Apart from this, if you want to listen to the song offline then you can download Pandora playlists.

As soon as you store songs or music in the Ionic watch, all you have to do is pair the Bluetooth headphones with the watch. Now you can enjoy music while doing workouts even without a phone.

The NFC chip has been fitted in Fitbit’s Ionic watch so that if you want to shop, you can store the card on the watch.

The payment process is also quite easy as in apple watch.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch has a button on the left side. While making payment, you have to press and hold that left button. By doing this, the transaction process will start immediately.

By the way, a PIN is required to secure your card. Every time you take out the watch and wear it back or every 24 hours, the number that comes first will have to be entered.

By the way, you updated in December that you can store multiple cards in the wallet of Fitbit Ionic. And during payment, you can select any of them.

The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch’s touchscreen is bright. And you can easily see this in daylight.

There are three hardware buttons in this Ionic Smartwatch, using which you can scroll around.

A quick press on the left-hand button of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will turn the display on and off.

And long press on the button will activate Fitbit Pay.

If we talk about the width of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch it is 38.6mm wide.

349 x 250, LCD touch-screen display and color, takes 29.7 mm of width.

And the rest of the black bezel is present on the chin. It has a Fitbit logo on it.

By the way, the actual display should be large. And the bezels on all sides should be thin.

Pros and Cons of Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

  • The best point of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is battery life. Up to 4 days of battery life.
  • The Fitbit Ionic watch has great music storage.
  • Sleep analysis is quite accurate in the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.
  • Also, it is a good point that you can make fast payment in a Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is a very easy way.
  • Some times the touch screen stops working in the Fitbit watch.
  • Applications are also not so much.
  • The design of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch is not so attractive.

FAQ On Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Que 1: Would the GPS help in trekking the Himalayas as well where there is no internet connectivity in Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch? Does my phone need to have internet all the time?

Ans 1: Actually you do not require phone connectivity always.

If there is no network trekking is possible. It works. It will happen.

Que 2: Is Fitbit Ionic worth it?

Ans 2:  If you want amazing tracking features and you are running enthusiastically then you can go for Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch.

In-built GPS exists in the Fitbit Ionic watch. So you need to bother about pairing your phone GPS to the smartwatch.

Que 3: Can the Fitbit Ionic make calls?

Ans 3: The Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch will give you notifications including text message, calendar appointment, imessage, phone calls, and some kind of notifications.

But you can not interact with this.

Que 4: Is the Fitbit Ionic Waterproof?

Ans 4:  The Fitbit Ionic watch will be waterproof up to 50m as soon as you turn on the swim mode.

But the heartbeat sensor will not work as soon as you go into the water.

Que 5: Does Spotify work on Fitbit ionic?

Ans 5: If you have Versa, Versa 2, Versa Lite, or Ionic model, you can download the Fitbit Spotify Application.

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Conclusion on Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Seeing the price and features of the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, Fitbit users will probably buy. But it is also possible that people go for the upper version of Fitbit because it is so upgraded.

It is good for Fitbit users that Fitbit Ionic has done a lot of upgradation.

The rest is on your choice, which features do you like and which do not?

Hope you like this article of mine.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Thank You.

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