DataBack App Review: How much money can you earn?

If you just heard about the DataBack app and don’t know anything about the Data back app then this post is especially for you. 

So tell me…Have you ever thought that you can get paid while finishing your data on the Phone?

Yes…The dataBack app gives Real Paytm money to the users to spend the internet data.

I know you are thinking that it is full of fake..but no. It is true..It is possible, and the data back app is doing this thing. 

Nowadays you can earn money using various reliable apps.

You can make some sort of decent money for your eating with the help of the Databack app.

[ ARE YOU IN A HURRY? If you do not have time to read the entire article, then you can take a quick overview by reading the points mentioned below.


The databack app has been reviewed in this article. 

With the help of this databack app, you can do some limited earning.

You get money through Paytm Wallet.

The app is genuine. But don’t expect much money. 

You can definitely earn a small amount. Keep reading the article for in depth information or else you can go through this.

So let’s move forward. Don’t worry if you have a smartphone and Paytm amount you can easily use this.

The best thing about the app is you don’t have to do any time-wasting activities. 

In This data back app, you just have to use the normal data of your phone and they will give you money. 

In this article, I am gonna talk about how it works and what you can expect from the databack app and many more things about the data back app.

So Let’s Read…

What is the Databack app?

So, basically, the databack app is a  software or the app which gives you money in exchange for your internet data.

But the one disadvantage is it is only available to android users only. 

How does Data App work?

First the crazy of the app is: when you install the app by the play store on your phone, it will give a refund of your data in your databack wallet that you can withdraw later.

Furthermore, the process is not an automatic process you have to click on the rocket button present in the Databack app on the top of it. 

Let’s take an example of it: 

Let’s say you use the Instagram app for 20 to 30 Minutes and spend 300 MB by Instagram, but if you have the data back app in your phone, it will save some data of 300 MB and give it in the form of Paytm Cash into your Paytm wallet. 

When you have a total of 350MB or at least 350MB in your Databack app then you can redeem the Paytm money directly into your wallet. 

What are the different ways to collect the Data?

To collect the data in your databack wallet there are many ways like: 

  1. Use Multiple Apps daily: 

Nowadays everyone has a Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on their phone. 

If you have these apps on your phone then you don’t need to do any extra thing.

These running apps automatically give you data in your databack wallet. 

  1. Spin the Wheel: 

Spin the wheel is the option that every app or software uses for its audience.

It is also present in the Databack app to give you the advantage of the app and collect more data.

In the databack app, you can use the spin wheel twice per day and can collect up to 50MB daily. 

  1. Use Video: 

If you are a game lover or an online game lover like 8 ball pool then you should know the impact of seeing the video in the app. 

As always you can watch the video in the databack app and can collect the data in your wallet.

The biggest advantage of this is you can watch as much video in one minute as you want.

Per video will give you the 2MB in the wallet. 

  1. Referring: 

Referring to other people is also a way to collect the data in the wallet 

For me, it is one of the best options to get the data in the wallet. 

It is one of the most effective and usable methods. It gives more data than any other option.

Referring to the people you need to do is just refer other people to download the app through your link and use it for a minimum of 5 days span.

When people download the app through your link you will get 25 MB in your wallet.

Overall, you can easily collect the 100MB in your databack wallet. 

How to Register On The Databack App?

It is very simple to register on the databack app

  • Just go on the play store 
  • Search the Databack app 
  • Install it
  • And, Give permission to the app users access to the app

Other Offers to Earn Data

Apart from the upper option, there are many other options available in the app by which you can collect the data in your databack wallet. 

  1. Play Quiz and win Money:

Yes, there is the option of a Play quiz in the app. 

with the help of this, you can directly earn money in your wallet.

It is very easy to use and it is also user-friendly.

In this quiz, you will get 20 questions in each section and one section will give you 50 Rupees.

The quiz has 4 Options in it. 

For each correct answer you will get 10 points for incorrect you point get deduct -5.

It opens every hour after every hour Winner is declared and wins the award of 50 rupees.

If there is a tie in the quiz they will choose a random winner. 

  1. By the daily Contest: 

There is a contest Going in the app.

You can take part in the contest and can win real money with the help of the data back app.

If you’re lucky, you can even get 100rupees in one day. 

How to Redeem databack data? 

To Redeem the databack app data you have to collect at least 350MB in your Databack wallet and after attaching the Paytm account in the app you can easily Redeem the data as real Paytm money. 

Pros and cons of Databack app

  • You can redeem the cash in every 10 days
  • You will get instant money in your Paytm wallet.
  • You have to collect only 350MB of data for redeeming.
  • You can not make big money The daily limit is 30MB.

Conclusion on Databack app

If you are thinking you will make a huge amount from the databack app then this app is not for you.

You can only get a few rupees in your Paytm account.

The app is not a waste, it is fully approved and working perfectly. 

It will give you money on time. 

Thanks for reading the review of the data back app. 

If you are thinking you will make a huge amount from the databack app then this app is not for you.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to comment.

Thank You.

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